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Minnesota Speakers and Nationally Speaking Inc.
are proud to announce the following
Top Quality Speakers who will be featured
at the December 3, 2019 Speakers Showcase!

Ross Bernstein Matt Booth Rick Devens Kay Frances

Ross Bernstein
"The Champion’s Code: Building Relationships Through Life Lessons of Integrity and Accountability from the Sports World to the Business World"

Matt Booth
Matt is a motivational business speaker who teaches the value of attitude. Professional, Engaging, Relatable, Fun, Unique and Memorable – Guaranteed!

Rick Devens
A fan favorite on ‘Survivor,’ Devens uses humor and his experience on the show to inspire better problem solving, leadership, and teamwork.

Kay Frances
Kay gives fun and lively keynotes packed with vital information on peak performance, managing stress and embracing change.

Sara Frasca Courtney Godfrey Sue Hawkes Ted Ma

Sara Frasca
Harnessing Innovation: Fresh Approaches to Growth, Creativity and Disruption

Courtney Godfrey
Award-winning television reporter and trauma survivor offers tools for adapting to change that can be applied to both improve business practices and achieve personal growth.

Sue Hawkes
CEO and Business Coach Sue Hawkes shares actionable practices to help leaders conquer their self-doubt and maximize success.

Ted Ma
Voted one of the Top 100 keynote speakers of 2019, Ted helps companies develop better leaders and create a more engaged workforce.

Joe Nayquonabe Lynne Jensen-Nelson Kat Perkins Bill Rancic

Joe Nayquonabe
Award-winning CEO who empowers and inspires audiences to defy the rules of traditional leadership. He helps organizations think differently to support and engage their teams.

Lynne Jensen-Nelson
Lynne is an engaging, results-oriented speaker that will inspire your organization to "Create Competitive Advantage" and standout in a crowded marketplace!

Kat Perkins
Kat is the "something different" speaker you’ve been looking for. Inspiring & actionable content with an impactful ending. Attendees love her.

Bill Rancic
NY Times Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur, Restauranteur, & TV Host, Bill provides a fresh ground-level perspective into all things business.

James Robilotta Jesse Ross Marilyn Sherman Erik Therwanger

James Robilotta
Improv comedian and full-time speaker/emcee entertains and educates willing and unwilling audiences about authentic leadership, vulnerability, and giving feedback.

Jesse Ross
Jesse is an international speaker, executive coach, consultant, that works with leaders and organizations specializing in personal and professional development.

Marilyn Sherman
Hall of Fame business keynote speaker, Marilyn Sherman inspires audiences with front-row success strategies to increase performance including sales and employee engagement.

Erik Therwanger
Author and national speaker, Erik Therwanger delivers a transformational message, shifting the selling mindset from “I never want to do it” to “I can’t wait to do it again.”

Liz Uram      

Liz Uram
Liz Uram is a nationally recognized leadership skills expert who delivers research based, actionable content backed by proven results. Laughter and audience interaction included.


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